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Sailor Venus

Hi there! I'm Sailor Venus, but you can call me Mina.

I found out that I was a Sailor Scout long before Luna was talking to Serena. Artemis found me, and I was fighting evil on my own as the mysterious Sailor V for awhile. Then Artemis led me to the rest of the team, trapped inside an energy bubble created by Malachite. I saved them, and finally met the rest of the Scouts!

I love to chase after people I think are cool! Meaning movie stars... or guys! I love to goof off and joke around, and I'm really great at wasting time. Like Raye, I go to a different school than Serena, Amy, and Lita. I hate to study. The only subject I do like is gym, because I love volleyball! I don't like to fight with people (unless it's the Negaverse) so I really don't have any enemies. I joke around with people to get on their good side. I don't want to brag, but I'm pretty popular.

As Sailor Venus, I'm not the brains of the group (that's Sailor Mercury), or the muscle (that's Sailor Jupiter). But I'm pretty good at thinking up plans and getting everyone to work together. I guess you could say I'm the morale-booster! I have the power of light and love when I fight. My powers are:

Sailor Moon

I have a lot of friends, but the Sailor Scouts are certainly my best! Serena and I get along really well. We're a lot alike, you know. We even look alike! Amy and Raye I get along with, too, but sometimes I feel like I don't have much common ground with them, other than being a Sailor Scout. I know they'll always be there for me, though. Lita and I are both fun-loving, and I think she's my closest friend out of all the Scouts.

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Thanks to Alexis Ford for making me this background!