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It's hard to describe Rusted Root. I'm hoping that by being here, you've already experienced them and know how amazing they are. (I mean, seriously, how many bands do you know of that tour with washboards and trash cans?) Root has a group of loyal followers, many of whom are Tribers!
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Root News

Yes, it's true. Rusted Root is breaking up. This tour with Jewel will be their last. Yes, it's sad for us fans; Root has given us so much. But all is not lost! Band members are pursuing their own interests, meaning independent work. So not only will the band members be happy, we get to hear lots of new music. Plus, there will be more Rusted Root albums, including a double-cd live set as well as a "Best of" collection! So don't despair, fellow Root Heads. The spirit lives on!

Best of luck to all members of the band... and THANK YOU!!

Many are planning to hold mini Root-fests in their area to celebrate our favorite band. If any one is interested in attending/planning one for the Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky area, please email me!

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