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Sailor Moon

Hihi! It's me, Serena! But you might know me better as Sailor Moon! I used to be a normal teenager, until my cat Luna told me who I really was. But let me start from the beginning.

I was running to school (late, as usual) when I saw these boys harassing a cute little kitty. Of course I ran over to stop them and save the poor thing. I pulled off a bandaid she had and saw a beautiful crescent moon. But before I could say anything more, I realized that I was really late for school!

At home, I was really bummed because I got a 30 on an algebra test. I decided to take a nap when that cat that I saw in the alley came in my room and- get this!- started talking! I knew I had to be dreaming, especially when she told me that I was actually Sailor Moon, sworn to protect the Moon Princess from the Negaverse! She gave me a really pretty brooch and told me to say, "Moon Prism Power". I still didn't believe her, but I said it anyway, and I transformed into Sailor Moon! I could hardly believe it! I really was a superhero, just like my favorite video game character, Sailor V!

So that's how I came to be Sailor Moon... but I wasn't ready for the challenge at first. I admit, I was a wimp and a crybaby (and as far as Raye's concerned, I still am), but now I know what I have to do- protect the future of Earth! I do this with these powers:

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon R

When I'm not out fighting off evil, I'm just a regular teenager! I love to read comic books, and spend a lot of my time at the arcade playing Sailor V (and drooling over Andrew, who's a really cute guy that works there!). I also love food, and hate school. Which is why I always fail my tests. Comic books are just way more interesting than boring old algebra! I have two parents and a bratty little brother named Sammy.

Of course, I couldn't do this all on my own! I have four other Scouts who are always there to help me out when I need it! The other scouts and I are really close- they're my best friends! Even if Sailor Mars and I fight all the time, I know that she still cares about me. They all stand behind me, even when I'm not being very superhero-like.

And then there's Tuxedo Mask. For a long time, I didn't realize that the man of my dreams was actually that grouch, Darien, who always teased me! I found out who Tuxedo Mask was at the same time I found out that I was the Moon Princess! In the past, Tuxedo Mask and I were going to be married, but we were separated when Queen Beryl sent the Seven Shadows to destroy the Moon Kingdom. When we found out the truth about our relationship, we knew we were meant for each other. I was so happy... until Reeny came along. But that's another story!

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