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Sailor Mercury

Hello! My name is Amy Anderson, but I'm also Sailor Mercury! I was the second to join Sailor Moon in her battle against the Negaverse.

I first found out that I was a Sailor Scout after I was transferred to Serena's high school, Crossroads Junior High, from Brighton Academy. I had just met Serena, and was playing my first video game when I realized that I was late for my computer class! I was horrified to find out that my teacher was actually a monster and was draining all the energy from the class! Then Sailor Moon showed up, and Luna saw the sign of Mercury on my forehead. She tossed me my transformation pen and told me to shout, "Mercury Power!" I became Sailor Mercury!

When I'm a Sailor Scout, I get to use a special computer that helps us to get out of sticky situations, and tells me the difference between friend or foe. I know that I'm intelligent, and I like to use my brains instead of my fists to fight. But when the Scouts are in trouble, I won't hesitate to use my powers against the Negaverse. Mercury Power is the power of water. My attacks are

Sailor Moon

  • Mercury Power - I say this to transform myself into Sailor Mercury.
  • Mercury Bubbles Blast - I say this to send a blast of bubbles to surround the enemy, blinding them. This also seems to freeze things at times.

Sailor Moon R

  • Mercury Star Power - I say this to transform into Sailor Mercury.
  • Mercury Ice Bubble Freeze - I say this to freeze the enemy with bubbles.
  • Mercury Ice Storm Blast - I say this to send a blast of ice at the enemy, freezing them.

I know I'm a bookworm. I love to get myself ahead in my schoolwork, and I don't mind doing extra credit assignments. I take classes after school, too. The first time I played a video game was with Serena. It was strange to find out that I actually liked it! I'm starting to realize that there's more to life than studying all the time. I also met a boy I like. His name is Greg, and he's also really smart, and sometimes has psychic visions. We like each other, but we're both too shy to really show it!

I love my friends, the Sailor Scouts. When I first got to Crossroads, I overheard some of my classmates talking about me. They thought I was a "brain-farm reject" because I'd left Brighton Academy, a prestigious school. I was feeling pretty lonely when Serena befriended me. With all my new friends, I finally feel a part of something. I love being a Sailor Scout!

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