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Stuff About Me

Okay, a friend of mine told me to make a page about myself, and I thought, why? Nobody really reads these pages, unless they know the person who made the page. So, either you're a friend of mine, you stumbled here by accident, or you're really interested. :)

I was born in Washington, DC, where my father was an FBI Agent. After some nasty business with the mob, we joined the Witness Protection Program and I-- oh wait. I mean... damn.

Anyway, I live in Suburbia, Kentucky. But I do live in Kentucky. It's a nice enough place, but there's nothing to do where I live. Which is why I spend most of the time on the internet!

Well, I'm 17, and a girl. I enjoy rockclimbing, reading, writing, hanging out with friends, cruising, hiking, playing the piano, etc. I also like candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach... (j/k). Anyway, I also care about stuff, like ecology, world hunger, and the like. *GASP!* Yes, it's true. I am a TEENAGER who CARES!!! Now, I know there's more of you out there, so if you are so inclined, please drop me an email!!!

Well, I've gone to Catholic high schools all my life, which most likely attributed to my highly cynical nature. There's a lot of snobs, but my friends and I have a lot of fun there anyway. I want to go to college in Chicago (damn I love that city) and study biology. I want to live in Montana and save the wolves. I am also a psychic. Right now you are thinking, "Why do I care what she wants to do with her life?!" I put this page up for a friend of mine, so if you're so bored, LEAVE! I know I would!

In my fantasy life, Mulder and Scully are real and I hang out with them, solving crimes and getting up close and personal with Mr. FBI-man. Hehehehehe... Also, Hanson, the Spice Girls, and Leonardo DiCaprio are being slowly lowered into vats of acid.

Okay, now to the obligatory notes to friends. (No, seriously, I love ya all! ^_^)

Sara- The Princess Rasa! What would life be like without you? English class just wouldn't be the same. I can't wait for the summer and cross country trips!! :D
Stacia- Hey, Sailor Moon! Well, what am I supposed to say here? You're my best friend, and someday we will OWN AN ANIME STORE!!!! :) And you will marry Iolaus, and live with him at Gravel Acres Trailer Park and Retirement Home.
Lindsay- Or should I say GRACE? You are also my best friend! :) And when we become famous and are hanging around with the likes of Bowie, Tori, David Duchovny, Trent, and Brad... we will spurn all those who rejected us!! NENES FOREVER! And you DO help me out!... or something... maybe... JUST KIDDING!
Kelly- TRAITOR! How dare you leave us? We BETTER stay friends or I'll kill you. When we finally get all the episodes of Blueseed, we'll have a marathon!
Katie- Whine, whine, whine. HERE! Are you happy now?! Just kidding. This year, we will have a kickass time at Speech and Drama, laughing at Penis Neck and chasing away Ranger Dork with a blowtorch. And I know, you are NOT BITTER!!

I feel like I'm writing in a yearbook here!

Brian- You're one of my best guy friends, and I appreciate it when you listen to me whine! Even if we don't talk so much anymore. And someday, I'm going to get you to teach me SOMETHING!
Eric- You're the other one of my best guy friends! I love our intelligent conversations. Someday we'll run off to Montana and start our militia!
Michelle- Did you notice you're up here before Lauren? Can't think why!! CONGRATS on FINALLY entering hte 20th century with the rest of us cousins. Now all you have to do is get your email to work! :)
Lauren- What am I supposed to say to you? You may have won the Simpsons game THIS time... but I will have my revenge!!! muah ha ha ha ha!!!! Now you can stop sending me hate emails because you're up here now.

And now for my online friends!
Charles- Hey Cat! How's it goin'? I can't thank you enough for the Image Gallery! Someday, we've GOTTA meet! Loveya, man! (Oh, and I am SO much cooler than you!)
Jason- Here, you happy now? I had to think of all this stuff to say... what am I gonna put in everyone's yearbook? :) Oh well. Can I still be your ride buddy when we go to King's Island?
Jason #2 (from Mixx)- Hey man... sorry about your psychotic ex-girlfriend. We should stage a webboard revolution against her! :)
James- I love that name! Anyway, someday we'll get our schedules straight and we can rp! And... CALCULUS SUCKS!!!

Okay, if I've forgotten anybody, I'm sorry!!

What else can I say about me? If you find it on my page, I like it. But since there's not much there... I also like X-Files, fantasy stuff, David Bowie, Tori Amos, Rusted Root, movies, anime, manga... the list goes on and on. Among the things that I hate: Nike, Spice Girls, Hanson, Leonardo DiCaprio, teenybopper magazines, and math.

And now, the boredom ends! Take me away from here!