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Sailor Mars

Hi, I'm Raye! I live at the temple on Cherry Hill. I'm also the one and only.... Sailor Mars!

I first found out that I was a scout when there were some strange things happening at my grandfather's temple. There buses that came by kept disappearing, and people were starting to blame grandfather and me for it! I finally realized that it was Jed, this creepy guy that was working there. When I confronted him, though, he grabbed me and took me into a vortex with all the missing buses! That's when Luna told me to shout "Mars Power!" and I transformed into Sailor Mars!

I live with my grandfather at the temple on Cherry Hill. My mother died when I was very young, and my father's never around, so my grandfather raised me. I don't mind at all, because I'm training to be a Shinto priestess. I have a terrible temper, and I use it on whoever gets in my way (which is usually Serena). I also have visions and can predict things using fire. They're not always right, though. When I first met Serena, I thought she was the evil force I felt and I used the anti-evil scroll on her! But for the most part, I know I can trust my hunches. I like to do so many things! I enjoy singing- I wouldn't mind pursuing a career as a singer- writing songs, meditating, reading comic books, the usual. Love life? Well, I used to date Darien, but when I found out that he was Tuxedo Mask and that he and Serena were meant for each other, I accepted it. And I sort of started to see Chad, a musician who works at the temple.

As Sailor Mars, I use the power of fire to defeat my enemies. My powers are:

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon R

I'm a willing fighter and am always ready to use my fire on anyone. Sometimes I think I'm a little too eager. I also love to take charge. In fact, Serena and I got into a lot of fights because I thought I should be the leader, not her. But I eventually realized that Serena was meant to be Sailor Moon, the Moon Princess, and the leader of the Sailor Scouts.

The Sailor Scouts are my best friends. Before I met them, I was really lonely. People always thought I was strange because of my psychic abilties. For a long time, my only friends were my two crows, Phobos and Deimos. I know I can say some pretty mean stuff to Serena sometimes, and we fight constantly, but I'm just trying to keep the little meatball head focused on her duties as Sailor Moon! But really, Serena's my best friend, despite what everyone says. We're like sisters!

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