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Sailor Jupiter

Hi! I'm Lita, and Sailor Jupiter!

I first found out that I was a Sailor Scout when I was following this really cute guy who'd been acting really strange. When he turned into a monster, Luna gave me my transformation pen and and told me to shout, "Jupiter Power!" I transformed into Sailor Jupiter and defeated that lousy monster with my Jupiter Thunder Crash.

I guess you could call me boy-crazy. I love to chase after cute guys! They all seem to remind me of my old boyfriend. But when I'm not guy hunting, I love to cook. I like to think I'm pretty good at it, too!

I transferred to Crossroads Junior High after I was kicked out of my old school for fighting. I was feeling pretty lonely because everyone was avoiding me. They thought I'd beat them up or something if they talked to me! But at lunch Serena started up a conversation. I offered her some of my lunch and made an instant friend!

As a Sailor Scout, I like to charge into battle. I don't plan things out like Sailor Mercury, and I definitely don't try to run away like Sailor Moon. But I have a tendency to fight without thinking, and that can get me into trouble sometimes. I have the power of lightning and thunder. My powers are:

Sailor Moon

Jupiter Power. I say this to turn into Sailor Jupiter.

Jupiter Thunder Crash. I say this to send a bolt of electricity at the enemy.

Sailor Moon R

Jupiter Star Power. I say this to turn into Sailor Jupiter.

Jupiter Thunder Dragon. I say this to throw a dragon-shaped bolt of electricity at the enemy.

Jupiter Thundercrash Zap. I say this to throw a bolt of electricity at the enemy.

I was the fourth Scout to join the team and I had no hesitations about being a Scout. Serena and I have a lot in common- food, boys, video games... but I felt a little competitive with Raye at first. We both really like to take charge and I think there was a little friction at first. But any trouble between us is long gone. Amy and I don't have much in common, since she's so quiet and I'm much more outgoing, but she's a great friend and is always there when you need her. Mina is a great person to be around. She's as fun-loving as me, and we love to hang out.

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