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These are my friend's pages. Go to them! :)

Through the Portal... Tori, David Bowie, Phantom...etc. Under construction.
The King of Kats' Homepage Chock Full O' Fun Stuff!
Toast and Torieee A bit of Tori for ya!
Eric's Pearl Jam Page Guess what's here. :)
Rooi's Page For Beginning Hackers
Nefyn's Place A bunch of nothing. Under Construction.
Rahm's World Anime, computers, wolves, more! (Sounds like a page for me!) ^_^
The House of Rites Jophiel's Page... very cool!
RH Cooper's Web World Graphics, Poetry... so I haven't had time to really look at it all. It's cool anyway!
Rear View Mirror Eric's Pearl Jam Page
someone's ugly daughter This is a VERY good feminist and pro-individual page. I highly reccommend it!
Alexis' Gallery Alexis' personal manga! Really good, check it out!