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Cruel Sun

1. Primal Scream Released:1992
2. Send Me on My Way Band Members:Liz Berlin, John Buynak,
3. Tree Jim Donovan, Mike Glabicki, Patrick,
4. Won't Be Long Norman, and Jenn Wertz.
5. !@#* Favorite Songs: Primal Scream, Tree,
6. Cat Turned Blue Cat Turned Blue
7. Artificial Winter
8. Where She Runs
9. Martyr
10. Back to the Earth
11. Scattered

When I Woke

1. Drum Trip Released: 1994
2. Ecstacy Band Members: Liz Berlin, John Buynak,
3. Send Me on My Way Jim DiSpirito, JimDonovan, Mike Glabicki,
4. Cruel Sun Patrick Norman, and Jenn Wertz.
5. Martyr Favorite Songs: Back to the Earth
6. Beautiful People Beautiful People, Martyr
7. Cat Turned Blue
8. Rain
9. Food and Creative Love
10. Lost in a Crowd
11. Laugh as the Sun
12. Infinite Tamboura
13. Back to the Earth


1. Faith I Do Believe Released: 1996
2. Heaven Band Members: Liz Berlin,
3. Sister Contine John Buynak, Jim DiSpirito, Jim Donovan,
4. Virtual Reality Mike Glabicki, and Patrick Norman.
5. Infinite Space Favorite Songs: Sister Contine, Scattered,
6. Voodoo Bullets in the Fire
7. Dangle
8. Silver-n-gold
9. Baby Will Raam
10. Bullets in the Fire
11. Who Do You Tell it To?
12. River in a Cage
13. Circle of Remembrance