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Sailor Moon Galaxy Image Gallery!

----=== Sailor Moon Galaxy Image Station! ===----

Welcome to the newly reconstructed Image Gallery! My name is Tuxedo Catikus and I will be your tour guide this evening ;) I am keeping this page up, a special project for my buddy Lyra, so here it goes! I changed the way it works a bit :) First: There are more images of everyones favorite Anime! Second: I made thumbnails so they load much faster! Third: They are more easily browsed than before!

--==Currently 86 Images!==--

Images last updated: August 19, 1998 So, if you want to see the images, click on the number you want in the frame at the bottom of the screen :) There is pages 1-8, and if you want to go back to the Sailor Moon Galaxy, click on the little Serena! If you wanna check out my humble page, click on my banner! Its just that easy! I am going to update this alot more often, so check it out :) Mail me if there are any glitches HERE. I drew the Tuxedo Catikus image, and please dont use it as it is a copyright violation of my character, thanks!

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--==You are the th Moonie to veiw this page!==--